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The mission of the Activities Department at Bethany Woods Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is to provide our residents with an activity program that is designed to enhance each resident’s quality of life through involvement in recreational activities. Every resident has the right to engage in activities of their choice (or to abstain from any or all activities, as they choose) at Bethany Woods.

We offer an activity program composed of individual and group activities that meet the interests and needs of residents and by providing opportunities within a variety of experiences such as physical, creative, social, cognitive, community and spiritual; we offer residents many outlets to enrich each resident’s quality of life.

A typical month will find these group activities as well as many others on the activity calendar:

• Twice weekly Bingo

• Frequent Outings for lunch or shoppingice cream sundae

• Exercise including: kickball, corn hole and other fun activities!

• Our Ice Cream Social in the Blue Bird Café is a longstanding tradition!

•  We play games for fun and as a cognitive exercise

• We have a  “store” where residents can spend their “Bethany Bucks”. The Bucks are a token monetary unit that residents earn by attending group activities. The store sells soaps, shampoos, body wash, deodorants, etc. as well as fun items such as jewelry, books, and other trinkets.

• Live Music, both sacred and secular is preformed often.

• We love intergenerational activities because kids are always a treat for our Bethany Woods residents!woman gardening

• Gardening & other outdoor activities are popular when the weather is fair

• Our Creative Corner encompasses the arts of quilting, crochet, cooking, flower arranging, and more!

Residents are encouraged to initiate and engage with each other in informal group activities. We have bible study groups and social clubs established that are led by residents on their own and meet within Bethany Woods Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

puzzle 1We also encourage residents to engage in individual leisure activities, in and out of their rooms, that interest them. The activity department can help provide some materials such as books, puzzles, magazines, music, craft materials and other items as needed.

For residents who choose not to attend group activities or cannot attend group activities, Activity Department will provide one to one room visits for socialization, sensory stimulation and/or palliative care as needed.

We work as a part of the Bethany Woods staff along with all other departments to observe and protect our residents’ rights, and work together with the resident and resident’s family to create the best care plan possible for each resident.

Picture of Bird Cage

Our Aviary is always a fun spot to gather and watch the lively antics of our feathered friends.