Bethany Woods Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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Rehabilitation and Therapy Services

o Therapy services available 7 days a week as needed

o Progressive Care Plans

o Post-surgical recovery

o Wound Healing

o Arthritis and Pain

o Chronic Inflammatory Pelvic Diseases

o Infective Conditions

o Tenosynovitis

o Bursitis

o Multiple Sclerosis

o Parkinson’s Disease

o Traumatic Injuries

o Cardiopulmonary Conditions

o Neuromuscular Disorders

o Stroke and Other Neurological Disorders

o Ortho Patients for Hip/Knee/Shoulder Replacement

Physical Therapy – wound care, ultra sound, orthotics, and prosthetics consultation, fractures, amputations orthopedics, muscle strengthening and Diathermy System providing relief of muscle spasm, joint stiffness and contractures, E-stim for Neuro Reed, Contracture Management, pain relief, and strengthening

Speech Therapy – individualized dysphasia program, VitalStim© dysphasia therapy, voice and swallowing, alternative communication and speech production, cognition, and dementia staging.

Occupational Therapy – customized adaptations, wheelchair assessments, cognitive dementia programs, assistive device training, splinting and positioning assistance, medicine management, ADL/IADL retraining.